CEO Message

Hanatour Japan provides safe and inspirational trips to travelers worldwide and contributes to world peace by making people happy.

We are currently living in the middle of a period of globalization which cannot be ignored. New values are born from exchanges between nations with diverse traditions and cultures, and continue to evolve constantly.

At present, to equip ourselves for global competition in this period, we must possess flexible thinking to adequately understand diverse cultures and to look at things from a new perspective at all times. Furthermore, understandin cultural diversity and relativism will lead us to look at the world from a broader perspective.I believe it is this which is the greatest gift Hanatour Japan can give to everyone.

We at Hanatour Japan believe that customer satisfaction is of the highest value, and through continuous endeavor and innovation, we aim to be the best travel portal service company as we turn over a new page at the heart of the travel industry. I promise here not only to provide travel products, but also to help foster the customer’s dream and vision through travel and be the ultimate dream maker in sharing happiness with the customer.

Over several years, Hanatour Japan has overcome a number of hardships to achieve its current position. At the beginning of a new year, the business environment is, as ever, uncertain, and there is a stack of management issues which must be resolved. But for us this environment is seen rather as a chance to take on challenges. Based on our wide and rich experience built from possibilities encountered so far, and on our aggressive stance devoid of fear, we will carve out a new history.

I would like to sincerely thank all our customers from the bottom of my heart. Hanatour Japan will continue to earn the trust of society, and we will make every effort to be reborn as a company which shares true happiness with its customers. Please look forward to Hanatour Japan making a new leap forward founded onour tireless passion and careful attention to our customers.

C E O : Byung-Chan Lee