Global Strategy

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Build a website and market to overseas customers in order to respond to the global market.
  • Conduct a price survey to determine reasonable prices and provide services that satisfy customers.
  • Differentiate ourselves from competitors by expanding our services to independent hotels.
  • Provide concrete product details– free choice of meal times or menus, etc.
2. Create Vivid Content
  • Show photos of restaurants, sightseeing spots, and so on.
  • Provide local information in real-time.
  • Provide members-only material search service via the website.
  • Show videos of transportation from the airport to the hotel and of hotel facilities.
3. Expand into new markets and develop products
  • Expand inbound and outbound through links to overseas branch offices.
  • Cooperate with Land Corporation in Europe on product development.
  • Expand range of tours from Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island to include local tours.
  • Jump-start inbound and outbound products through links between the head office and branch offices.