Business Overview

1. Hanatour japan 
  • Arranging inbound travel from South Korea

    • Arranging local hotels, restaurants and buses, etc.,
      for customer referrals from Hanatour Co., Ltd. (South Korea).
    • We are also handling a large number of made-to-order planned products such as FIT
      and INCENTIVE (travel incentives), not only PKG (package tours).
  • Arranging inbound travel from China and South-East Asia

    • Planned products and arranging travel such as PKG, INCENTIVE, FIT, AIR & HOTEL from Asian countries.
    • New business development with local agents in, for example, the Philippines, Vietnam, India and Russia (the Far East).
  • Arranging and selling accommodation-only products for hotels and Japanese inns

    • Purchase from hotels throughout Japan, securing guest rooms in annual blocks.
    • Operating a special sales site for Japanese inns(
  • Organize tours for Korean Wave events

    • Organize K-POP concert tours in Japan and overseas.
    • Plan special tours specifically for fans of Korean Wave stars.
  • Local Japan tours, option tours, and ticket brokerage sales

    • Arrange tickets for business trips overseas and within Japan for foreign companies based in Japan
    • Sales of made-to-order arranged travel products for company trips, etc.
  • Transport Business

    • Arrange bus tours around the country entirely through a business partnership with our subsidiary Friendship Tourism Buses
    • Operating a shuttle bus service connecting Haneda Airport and the Tokyo metropolitan area.
2. YUAI KANKO BUS Co., Ltd. 
  • Overview : This is a general charter passenger vehicle transport business (charter tourist buses)
    *License number: Kinunryo-ichi No. 1788

    • We operate chartered tour buses mainly for inbound tourists as well as shuttle buses with the goal of making Friendship Tourist Buses safer and more comfortable.
3. Star Shop & Line Co., Ltd. 
  • Overview : We operate bus tours tailored to the Kyushu region as well as build and operate tax-free shop infrastructure, and as the growth engine of Hanatour Japan, we are presenting, modifying and leading new paradigms in the travel market.

    Kurukuru bus is

    • targeted toward individual travelers, and develops city and sightseeing tours going around famous sightseeing spots mainly in the Kyushu region in comfort on a bus. We also operate tours in the Osaka region and seasonal tours in Hokkaido and Hakone.
  • What is Star Shop?

    • Star Shop is a tax-free store specializing in the South Korean market with a line-up of products that are popular with South Korean travelers. Also, as they are located near airports, ports and city centers, they are very convenient for tour groups to use.
4. Allegrox TM Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
  • Overview : Allegrox TM Hotel Management Co., Ltd. mainly operates the Tmark City Hotel.

    • We conduct development consulting, marketing consulting and business dealings with tourists referred from overseas.
5. Hanatour Japan System Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Overview : Software development

    • We are implementing software development, Web system development, operation and maintenance management, etc.